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Created in 2019, with a factory in Ibiporã-PR, and supported by our assets for the generation and processing of raw materials, GELPRIME was born, which will produce, market and distribute the ingredient GELATIN following the strictest national and international quality standards, and will serve the food and pharmaceutical markets.

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Sobremesa Gelatina

Our Products

Gelatin is an essential ingredient in
the food industry

ícone Aerador

Promotes aeration

ícone Gelificante

Gelling Agent

ícone Clarificante

Promotes clarification

ícone Emulsificante

Acts as an emulsifier

ícone Espessante


ícone Estabilizador

Acts as a stabilizer

The ingredient gelatin is widely used by the food industry as a gelling agent, stabilizer, clarifying, thickening, aerating and emulsifying agent. It can be found in product formulations such as: desserts, confectionery, dairy, beverages, meat, etc.

our products

With Gelatin it is possible to meet the various challenges in the pharmaceutical markets

The gelatin is an important raw material used in the production of hard or soft capsules, its main function being the formation of films.

quality control & assurance

Our gelatin has a whole Quality Control and Assurance

Through automated processes, trained teams and highly equipped laboratories, we guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

certifications & Habilitations

Certifications and
Habilitations in development

Gelprime will guarantee quality and traceability from the origin of the raw material to the final product, through the certification of raw materials and inputs received from qualified suppliers.
Inspecionado SIF

Sustainability, from the capture of raw material

Promoting sustainable development, fostering economic growth allied to respect for the environment and improving the population’s quality of life, is Gelprime’s fundamental concern.
Selo Gold Rated Audited Standards
Selo ISSO 9001:2015 - Companhia Certificada

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