Who we are


Created in 2019, with a factory in Ibiporã-PR, and supported by our assets for the generation and processing of raw materials, GELPRIME was born, which will produce, market and distribute the GELATIN ingredient of bovine origin, following the strictest national and international quality products, and will serve the food and pharmaceutical markets.

Gelprime is part of a network of own and certified suppliers of raw materials, which will guarantee the origin, traceability and availability of delivery of its products to our customers.

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Gelprime is part of a network of suppliers of own and certified raw materials.

We are part of one of the largest business groups in the bovine leather processing sector (Vancouros and Viposa/Brasil, and Crest Leather/England), with over 65 years of tradition and professionalism.

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product portfolio

The group has a portfolio of the highest quality products serving markets in strategic sectors of the world economy such as:

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Leather goods

In Brazil, the group is present in several states, also operating in England and Italy – with its 22 operational units and a staff of 5000 employees.